Doing Zero
Place, Culture

In the months leading up to the 2021 COP26 global climate change conference, two communities in Manchester England and Nairobi Kenya met up with scientists and designers in a "connected green library" to explore the impact of food and our eating habits on global warming. 

What can ordinary citizens do to help save the planet? This documentary short tells the story of Doing Zero, a collaboration between Design Manchester and Nairobi Design Week  and the installation of vertical gardens for urban farming in a Nairobi community centre and a café in the Business School at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

The project was created and directed by Kasper de Graaf, the exhibition designed by Malcolm Garrett, documentary directed by Keith Jobling, the vertical garden installation designed by Joe Hartley at Standard Practice and the Nairobi collaboration directed by Adrian Jankowiak and Naitiemu Nyanjom at Nairobi Design Week.

Doing Zero was a creative commission for climate change funded by the British Council. 

Read Kasper’s blog here, and watch the documentary here: